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We're proud to be an advertiser in Weight
Watchers. Because Crab Classic is fat free,
low calorie seafood that's also heart healthy,
it is a great option for people watching their
weight and looking for new meal ideas.

Our ads feature beautifully-presented recipe
ideas that are easy-to-prepare, and a money-
saving coupon. Look for us in upcoming issues
of the magazine.
Even though surimi seafood, also known as imitation crab, has been available
in the U.S. since the 1970s there is still a lot of confusion about how our products
are made. It's a centuries-old process started in
Japan in which white fish is cleaned, minced and
flavored and then formed into flake, chunk and
leg style pieces. We use a blend of wild caught,
MSC-certified Alaska Pollock and real king crab
meat to make Crab Classic.
Crab Classic and our other seafood products are available in
just about every major food retailer in the country. Click here
to see where you can find us in your area.
These certifications are your
assurance of safely-produced,
high quality seafood.
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